Proman Management GmbH, founded in 2002, is a small SME that designs, manages and evaluates innovation, research and development projects for business, policy makers and non-profit organisations. Our team operates at the interface of academic and industrial research combining industry driven thinking and scientific inquisitiveness for integrated process solutions.  World class expertise and experience in the design, development and economic and environmental impact assessment (LCA) of biological and thermal biomass-to-energy (BtE) processes including separation, recovering and recycling of minerals and metals is documented in patents, articles, scientific papers, reports, books and presentations.  A team of economists and engineers covers legal, market, business, process and environment related activities aiming at the transition of innovations to the market and the evaluation of technologies and processes. The Proman team is present in European expert groups and has authored and co-authored studies on phosphate processing on behalf of Swiss and German governmental bodies. 


Managing Director: Ralf Hermann

Ralf Hermann, male; BSc in mechanical engineering; managing director of Proman Management GmbH; 12 years of experience in project management, mechanical and chemical engineering; worked in the engineering, development and pilot operations of the first thermo-chemical phosphorus recycling technology; focusing on the research in thermochemical and biological extraction of heavy metals and nutrients from sewage sludge ashes and other bio-wastes, phosphate solubilisation and recycling; expert in anaerobic digestion, waste-to-power solutions and circular economy integration; expert on LCA and LCC;


Senior Consultant: Ludwig Hermann

Ludwig Hermann, male; 35 years of experience as technology and business development consultant on 3 continents; co-inventor of ash decontamination and phosphorus recovery processes; co-founder CTO and CEO of ASH DEC AG; organised and supervised design, engineering and assembling of ASH DEC’s pilot plant; conceived and managed test programs and co-authored the patents EP 191803, EP 2016203, WO 20125035, WO 2013190116, WO 20135020, WO 20145029, WO2015189333; President: European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform; Member: Advisory Board Environment of German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, IWA Resource Recovery Cluster, UN-Environment Global Nutrient Management Partnership; 


Junior Consultant: Julia Tanzer

Julia Tanzer, female; PhD in water quality and resource management; PhD-Thesis: Coupled assessment of phosphorus and nitrogen management in Austria; 3 years of experience in complex system analysis, mass flow analysis, resource and water management for regional and national governments in the context of municipal policies towards higher resource efficiency;



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